June 7, 2016 The Story Behind The Story

As is often the case when we choose to take action a ripple effect occurs.  Today Team Snowball learned that Snowball’s Great Adventure is now in a number of school systems.

Today Melissa received wonderful praise for her hard work:

“Please tell Melissa that her book, Snowball’s Great Adventure was a BIG hit with my grandson Drew. He said it was his favorite book ever and asked me for another copy for his elementary school in Franklin, MA. I gave him one for his school and he said the kids borrow it every day for free reading time. It is also now on the schools summer reading list as well. She did GREAT!”  Steven Murphy, Executive Director, Westport Associates, Westport, MA

 “I just read Snowball. It is beautiful. I love the way the messages can be shared. What a great story. And of course I am touched with the story behind the story.”                      Jayne Hanah – Team Bonding: Corporate Activities & Ideas Through Team Building  

“I love this book so much. I am very spiritual and this tale was so deep in a spiritual way. I love how all the animals in the team had a special gift that made it possible to free the animals being trapped. VERY BEAUTIFUL STORY!”  Deborah Sharples DeCambra


This is a wonderful story!  This dear lady use to sing with our karaoke queen Melissa several years ago.  She saw the story about Melissa’s project in the Somerset Spectator months and months ago and donate to the go fund me account not making the connection. About a month ago Melissa ran into her at a local restaurant. They were chatting and Janine said, did you know Melissa wrote a children’s book?  She gasped – your the Melissa? She gave Melissa a big hug and said I want to buy a book right now!

Today we saw her and with eyes full of tears she said she read the book and loved it. She wrote a little note in it and sent it to her son who will also write a little note in the book and give it to his child this lady’s grandchild.  She was so emotional telling the story. It was a beautiful moment. We are beginning to hear many stories of children and adults alike who are inspired by Melissa and Snowball’s Great Adventure!



One thought on “June 7, 2016 The Story Behind The Story

  1. Jessica Inwood says:

    My daughter just read your book, and she loved it. She liked the messages of courage and kindness. Great job, Melissa!


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