Go Further!

IMG_4344When Melissa began her children’s book project is seemed like an impossibility.  A few peole thought the process was simply the work of speech therapy and would go no further.  It was always much more than that. For Melissa the work of putting together a short story for children was a test of ABILITES.  I love the word ability.   Couldn’t we all stand to learn a little bit about using what we have to make the world a better place?   There is so much with in each of  us waiting to blossom.  For Melissa a story that referenced courage, teamwork, determination and highlighted her sweet personality was important to her.  Don’t we all ask ourselves – what will I leave behind?   Midway through the writing of the story she began to tire.  It was real work pulling out ideas, concepts, meaning and stringing it all together.

Just like in the picture above it was as if ‘the whisper of the wind’ said, Melissa GO FURTHER.  Further she went!  What a stretch this was for her. The truth is it was a stretch for the core team. Mom, Kari -speech therapies and PCA, Janine. It was a stretch.  What a model of perserverance Melissa has been .   At her recent book signing I looked around the room and saw nothing but inspired people.  People who were truly happy for her, validating her success with great joy.   The next time you don’t dare to take that next step or thing a little bit out of the box remember Melissa and GO FURTHER!  





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