Dream BIG!

Collage_FotoriIt is hard to believe that a little more than a year ago a small action step turned into a dream which became a reality.   When we stop and think for a moment what words mean, what actions mean, what dreams mean it seems common ground becomes visible.  When we find the commonality we share great and wonderful things become woven in our lives.  Soon simple threads combine creating extraordinary things and a world of possibility!

Pictured here – top left Melissa Robillard author of Snowball’s Great Adventure.

Top right – Kathy, Melissa’s mom. ( A proud and happy mom.)

Lower left – Speech Therapist Kari Star and co-author/ personal care attendant, Janine Ouellette Sullivan.

Lower right – illustrator/artist Mallory Harvey

These are a few of the people that turned a dream into a reality.

There are more so many more people who stepped forward to help Melissa achieve this goal. To all those people team Snowball says THANK YOU!

The process was heart warming to say the least and anyone who watching the process could not help but come inspired.

***Melissa’s effort has encourage two people to write their stories.  Why? Because her example shows us all how to dream BIG and Go Further.  

Go further is a powerful line in Snowball’s Great Adventure.

We take away what we need from each experience.  Melissa says she is content. That is a good place to be.



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