Team Work ~ That is Snowball’s Message


“Melissa Robillard captured my heart within the magical pages of Snowball’s Great Adventure, her inspirational children’s book. Melissa’s mission to make a positive impact on the world is represented in each word and every illustration. Highly recommended for children, young and old.” – Steven Manchester, #1 bestselling author, The Rockin’ Chair and Gooseberry Island

Today Melissa expressed how appreciative she is by the show of support she has received since publishing her book Snowball’s Great Adventure.

Melissa met author Steve Manchester several months ago.  He helped with the editing of the book. Maybe it was his smile, maybe it was his big bear hug,  I’m not sure exactly what it was made the connection so special. One thing is for sure his big heart was visible.

Team Snowball did not know at the time that Steve was writing Perfect Chase,    When we learned of it we were even more grateful for his support and gift of time.

Janine says, humble is as humble does.  Which basically means change your little corner of the world but don’t make a show of it.  That is what Melissa has been doing over the past several month.  Soon she will be highlighted in a number of periodicals. Effortlessly and in her own unique humble was she is making a difference.

It is always heart warming to be involve in projects that have such pure people shining light, people like Melissa and Chase.  Included are  all the people along the way who chime in and lend a hand or give a cheer.

“Sharing the road where ideas and dreams are sign post that lead people to high points on the hillside of  life, this is essential for good living.”  Genevieve Wildheart

The above quote sums it up.

Actions speak louder than words. When people join together to lift up dreams a ripple moves out in all directions spreading goodness.


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