Thursday October 20, 2016 was a big day for Melissa, Kari and Janine.  Reading at Partners Village Store in Westport, Ma was special. Yes special!  Surrounded by a dozen or more children is quite a treat. Caretaker, Janine, speech therapist, Kari and author, Melissa felt a little childlike themselves, playful in away.  A woman shouted from across the room, “that’s Snowball! I’ve seen her all over facebook.”  The trio smiled.

The children loved Snowball’s Great Adventure, visible as they shouted out lion roars and giggles.

Parents and grandparents appeared to be very pleased with the story line.  Each illustrations captivated the pre-schooler’s.  The addition of a puppets sealed the deal.

Sweet girls and boys stepped up closer to glimps the book and look at the character puppets on a stick.  The whispers of the wind cloud was a big hit.  This was clear as the children made the sound of the wind.

Team Snowball is grateful to have been asked to read at Partners Village Store and Kitchen. The staff was wonderful.  Miss Joan made Snowball sugar cookies with apple juice.  Melissa’s mom, Kathy made all the puppets, Snowball, Stripes,George, Pemba, Ikkos, and Haven.

Teamwork ~ that’s what Snowball’s Great Adventure is all about.




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