If you haven’t had a chance to read this weeks Somerset Spectator above is the link to a great article about Melissa and her continued journey with Snowball’s Great Adventure.

Front page story!  That’s awesome. Thank you George Austin – Editor

Saturday Team Snowball was at the St. Patrick’s Church craft fair in Somerset, MA. It was a very successful, fun day.

True to form the team was quick to donate proceeds this week.  A gift of Thanksgiving turkeys was made locally.  A collection of canned goods is under way as well.

The teacher challenge is going strong with books inching their way across the country.

December will hold a new batch of good deeds, acts of kindness and donations per request of Melissa.

Snowball’s Great Adventure will soon be on Amazon for your convenience.  For now there is  paypal button right here on this website.  FREE SHIPPING during the months of November and December when you use paypal.  This is our gift to you.

We now have children’s activity books that go along with the book. These are flying out the door.  The children love them.  Melissa’s mom and sister designed them. Great job!

Melissa’s niece has designed bracelets also and Melissa’s mom as designed a magical purple heart neacklace like Snowball where’s.

Our mission is to share a great message through the book.  Open space for Melissa to be all she can be and to do some good where we can.  So far so good.

This week Melissa said she’d like the book to “go further”!  We are all for that.  Keep spreading the word.

As always we are thankful for all the people who helped to bring the book to life, all the people who have purchased the book, along with the well wishes, all humanitarians in their own unique way. Miracles are happening and we couldn’t be happier.

Happy, Blessed  Thanksgiving to all ~ Team Snowballphoto


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