“I’m Content.” ~ A Mother’s Day Note

Melissa has been a busy bee this spring. She participated in a national walk to raise funds for leukodystrophy research.  Nationally over $9,000.00 was raised for this cause. It was a fun evening walking around the mall, racking up the miles for such a worthy event.

A couple of weeks ago she participated in the “Kentucky Derby” at the speech group she attends. That was a great deal of fun. The closeness of this group of people who have varying neurological concerns is impressive. Melissa enjoys being with them.

Just today she was out and about at various business looking for gifts for a fundraising raffle calendar she is working on with her mom for leukodystrophy research.  More about that soon. She really enjoyed popping into local businesses sharing her story.

While we were driving a lady was attempting to cross the street. She was holding one child in her arms, another by hand and two in toe. They all looked to be around the same age. I said, that looks like a busy mom.  She announced with firm confidence, “YOU DO REALIZE MOM WORKED VERY HARD TOO!” Referencing when she and her siblings where young.  I said, “yes I do and she still does.”  Melissa went on noting how hard her mom works and that she loves her very much, ending with,”She’s a rock.”  “She’s strong for everybody,” Melissa continued.

I was a bit surprised. This was all true but I wasn’t sure how aware she was. I said, “You don’t miss to much do you?” “No,” she giggled.

We sat down for lunch. She felt like one egg over medium, toast and bacon. We were served and she nibbled slowly while looking at the people come and go. She knew two people on our left and said hello. Then a couple leaving greated her. Another bite of toast and the waitress came by to see how she was doing. The day was busy and eventful, full of productivity.  I looked in the rear view mirror while driving home. She looked tired. I asked, “How are you doing boss?” She said,”I’m content.”

I wave of peace flowed over me as I looked at her gentle eyes.  I am content, I repeated to myself. What a wonderful example of how a person should be. Where she is there is no lack. Most of us find plenty lacking in the course of our day. It’s all good in Melissa’s view. She is simple and content. As I often say, if you want to learn something worth learning, hang out with Melissa for awhile.


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