Hello everyone.  Team work is one of the main themes in Snowball’s Great Adventure. Writing on Melissa’s behalf, I’d like to share her thoughts with you.

Recently I asked her what she felt the main accomplishment of publishing her book has been. She answered by saying, “it has brought people together.”

Well that is true. The disease that robs lives, Leukodystrophy is a brain disease that most often takes lives in childhood. Melissa will celebrate her 39th birthday this year. She is a pioneer in the VWM community. An ray of sunshine and the voice of hope.

When she sees the condition of the children suffering from VWM/Leukodystrophy she is sad. Her heart is big. Her empathy beyond anything I have seen.

Her day will come sooner than later. VWM will take her life.

This past weekend Melissa’s family was host to a craft fair/fundraiser. There were 20 plus crafters, a great raffle, bake sale and they made food to serve as well.

It was a lot of work but all involve knew first hand that their exhaustion was no match for an average day in the life of Melissa. They humble offered this wonderful community event and raised money that will go to Leukodystrophy Research.

Humble and kind ~ that is Melissa in a few words. Her family and friends know her to be an inspiration.

Fundraising efforts will continue throughout 2018. Snowball’s Great Adventure is available by contacting Janine at

Team Melissa is grateful for your support. 29683229_10209132729713849_6016810460059090357_n


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